Content Writing and Re-Purposing

recycleThe benefits of re-purposing and re-use

Our expertise in analysing, scoping and writing high-quality content means you get more value out of your existing content than ever before.

Do you have classroom materials that need re-purposing for e-learning; or online help that needs to become part of a webinar; or subject matter experts who need to be coralled into giving you a specific part of their skill set for an e-learning simulation; or maybe you're dusting off an old paper-based user guide as the starting point for developing a wiki?

We have years of experience working with other people's existing (sometimes poor-quality) content and turning it into a valuable, engaging piece of learning.

Note: Want to unlock the value of all your existing learning content? As an alternative, consider going the single-source route.

How we can work with you

For smaller-scale recycling projects, we can apply the following three-stage process to re-purpose and re-use your existing content:

1. Identify audience and high-level objectives; analyse, scope and quantify the existing content.

2. Apply award-winning instructional design skills to develop detailed learning objectives and a great course outline.

3. Create high-quality end product, squeezing maximum value out of your existing content.

If you prefer, we can teach you how to do all this for yourself or we can work with you intensively in the early stages of a project and gradually hand over more and more to you as the project progresses.

Starting from scratch?

And don't forget, our skills can be applied just as usefully if you are making a fresh start and developing content from a completely blank slate.

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