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Classroom course

Custom Classroom Course Design

Are you grappling with a recurring business problem you'd give anything to fix? Is a lack of skills and knowledge holding your organisation back?


Delivered training and got poor results?

Never have the time or resource to design the training you want delivered? Whatever your situation, we can help.

If you've got a performance issue you need to improve, a skill you need to sharpen or some knowledge you need to broaden, we can produce a highly effective, perfectly tailored course design.

A design that solves your problem and brings you and your organisation measurable, performance-improving results.


Business problems that never get solved?

They are the kinds of nightmare scenario every business fears: your sales teams are writing proposals that fail to win new contracts.

Your customer complaints only ever seem to go in one direction - upwards.

Your managers and supervisors waste their time endlessly answering the same procedural questions.

Is this your daily reality? Do you find yourself living with a problem that never seems to go away?

If "yes", we can definitely help.

Business problems

Solutions that get you results

The results you need to achieve are always our starting point. We never lose sight of them. These measurable business improvements from previous course design projects make the point:

  • 15% reduction in out-in-the-field operational glitches in a government agency
  • 30% reduction in time-consuming miscommunications between development teams in a software company
  • visible improvements in intranet content and related procedural performance in a bank. (By the way, their intranet went on to become UK intranet of the year).

In the early stages of your course development, we focus on your business problem and the ways our course design can solve it. We work with you until we are clear we have the right solutions that will get you the best results. And we constantly review (and refine) these solutions as the course development progresses.

Four hip youngsters in conversation - small

Your learners still get an enjoyable experience

With all that talk of problems, solutions, performance and results, you might be worried we'll develop a rigid, clinical set of drills and practices. No smiles, no pleasure, no talking at the back.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

No question, part of the development process requires clear, focused, analytical thinking. But the larger part of the process requires creativity and imagination.

The end result is always a course design that is memorable (for all the right reasons), meaningful and motivating - engaging your learners from beginning to end.

Love to learn

It's all about your learners

We really don't do 'chalk and talk'. We know the problem with courses designed around chatty trainers who love the sound of their own voice. We know all about the trainers who love to make it about them, their wisdom and their experience. Very entertaining on the day, but useless 4 weeks later when all you remember is liking the break-time chocolate biscuits.

So our course design puts the focus 100% on the learners. They still get the wisdom and experience - just more effectively. Because our course designs allow ample opportunity to participate.

And this is not the "discuss it in groups for a few minutes" kind of participation. This is participation with a clear purpose. Structured participation that requires learners to think about and process what they are learning. Participation that contributes to the ultimate goal - achieving specific, measurable results.

Learners in discussion

You get to focus on more important stuff

Of course, having us do your course design doesn't mean you get to slope off to Starbucks the whole time.

We'll still need your input and we'll definitely need you to review stuff. But having us onboard does mean we do the heavy lifting, leaving you to concentrate on other, more pressing matters.

And when you are confident of getting a course that helps deliver the results you need, that helps solve a problem you are facing, you can look forward to seeing the smile on your bosses face when s/he realises that it's 'job done'.

Team discussion

Getting to Grips with Your Content.

Worried that we don't know your subject matter inside out? Don't be. This is the norm. We deal with unfamiliar subject matter all the time.

Quick Assimilation

We have years of experience getting to grips with someone else's subject matter. We have learnt to quickly assimilate, analyse and collate content from a variety of sources.

Learner Relevance

We know a subject matter 'brain dump' when we see one. And we know how to work with you to scope this down and determine which learners will need which content.

Dry Content

Worried it will be difficult to make your content interesting? Don't be. We love the challenge of turning dull subject matter into a performance improving, learner-centred experience.


Getting Your Course Designed.

We always prefer it when there's a plan! So read on to get an idea what's involved in getting a course designed by us:


Who's Involved?

No two projects are ever exactly alike, so we don't want you to get the idea that we are hopelessly rigid and only ever work in one way. We don't. Our working methods are scalable, flexible and adaptable.

Typically, there are three skill sets/roles involved: technical authoring, instructional design and course writing.

Depending on your project, a single person might have all those skills and fill all the project roles. In other cases, it might involve different people working at different project phases.


How long will it take?

We can't give you a definitive answer without knowing exactly what's involved and what you want.

However, based on past experience, to create one day of classroom training (including a full set of delegate and trainer materials) typically takes somewhere between 7 to 15 days of development time

The variables that shorten or lengthen the development time are usually to do with the availability, readiness and complexity of the course content.

Year planner

Got a Classroom Course Project in Mind?


Let's Talk

If you have a classroom course development project in mind, let's talk.

It doesn't matter whether it's very early stages or something that's more developed and ready to go.

We're happy to talk to you, obligation-free.

Project discussion

Schedule a free, no-Obligation Call

The best way to do this is to schedule a free call with one of our learning design experts.

The call can be 15, 30 or 60 minutes long, depending on how much time you think you might need. (And there's no harm in choosing a longer call time, even if you don't need all the time allocated).

You can make the booking here on our website where you'll find available time slots over the next couple of weeks or so.

Alternatively, you can:

No obligation call