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In-House Learning Impact and ID Programmes

Flexible, modular training for your specific learning impact and instructional design needs.


Overview of the In-House Learning Impact and Instructional Design Programme

Add value to your learning content by applying our award-winning learning impact and instructional design approaches. Make sure you get exactly the help and training you need with our modular, pick and mix formula.


Take a few minutes to browse the complete range of modules available for an in-house programme. You can choose any modules you like and combine them together into a programme that's completely tailored to you.

Have us deliver the programme face-to face at your premises or remotely using our virtual classroom. Face-to-face and virtual classroom programmes are both instructor-led.


Browse the Available Modules...

Use the links below or the main site menu above to browse the available modules. For convenience, we have organised the modules into 6 separate content streams. Choose any modules from any content stream to create your own, unique programme:


Optimising Learning and Performance Modules

The modules in this content stream introduce you to a set of key tasks and principles which will make your training evaluation simple, effective and credible.

Incorporate these tasks into your existing training design process, to dig down into the real impact of your training.

This enables you to discover what really worked, what definitely didn't and refine future interventions accordingly.



Evaluating Training In-House

Planning and Analysis Modules

The modules in this stream help you get to grips with: the scope and complexity of the content you will be working with; a clear, comprehensive picture of your learners and their needs; and, evaluating whether your learning is having the desired impact, back in the workplace.



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Instructional Design Fundamentals Modules

The modules in this stream help you to get to grips with: how learners process and assimilate skills and knowledge; the methods, techniques and approaches that can best support this; and,
the delivery mediums most likely to get you effective results, based on your goals.



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e-Instructional Design Modules

These modules help you get to grips with e-learning development by focusing on: effective approaches to e-learning instructional design and learner interface design; creative methods for developing practice activities and feedback; and, innovative, rapid development processes that get positive results.



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Instructional Design for the Virtual Classroom Modules

These modules will move your thinking beyond standard, predictable webinars and get you using your virtual classroom to the full. You'll discover: the real virtual classroom and how you should actually be using it; the key instructional design principles you should focus on when creating virtual classroom sessions; the ingredients for creating effective, interactive sessions; and, the design process you should follow to create a successful virtual classroom event.



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Instructional design for the Face-to-Face Classroom modules

The modules in this content stream: show you how to develop classroom courses with a focus on meaningful, authentic practice and interactivity; and, the methods, techniques and approaches to best achieve this.



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Download a Learning Impact and Instructional Design Brochure...

If you need more information about our in-house programme  (or our public and self-study courses) download one of the comprehensive learning impact and instructional design training brochures shown below:


Ready for the Practical Details?

If you are ready to think about putting a programme together, take a look at the practical details:

Nuts and Bolts

How you can put together the modules you want into a customised programme.




A clear, transparent pricing structure - so you know exactly what your training will cost.



Your Essential Step-by-step Guide to Instructional Design Success


The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Instructional Design Success is a simple, but easy to follow road map, designed to set you on the right path.

In this highly practical guide, find out how to:

  • avoid developing long, dry presentations, over-stuffed with abstract, confusing content
  • incorporate effective, meaningful practice into your design, and
  • motivate your learners to apply what they've learnt back on the job.


Fill in the form below and you can be downloading your guide in seconds:

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