Custom In-House Programmes
Flexible, modular training for your specific needs

Overview of the in-house programme

Add value to your learning content by applying our award-winning instructional design approaches. Make sure you get exactly the help and training you need with our modular, pick and mix formula.

Take a few minutes to browse the complete range of modules available for an in-house programme.

You can choose any modules you like and combine them together into a programme that's completely tailored to you.

Have us deliver the programme face-to face at your premises or remotely using our virtual classroom. Face-to-face and virtual classroom programmes are both instructor-led.

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Use the links below or the menu on the left to discover the modules on offer:

1. Planning and analysis modules

These modules help you:  get to grips with the scope, quantity and complexity of the content you wil be working with; and, an understanding of the audience you will be delivering to.

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2. Instructional design fundamentals modules

These modules help you get a handle on:  how learners assimilate, process and transfer knowledge; and, the best methods, techniques and approaches to support this.

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3. e-Instructional design modules

These modules help you get to grips with e-learning development by focusing on:  effective approaches to e-learning instructional design and learner interface design; creative methods for developing practice activities and feedback; and, innovative, rapid development processes that get positive results.

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4. Virtual classroom modules

These modules will move your thinking beyond standard, predictable webinars and get you using your virtual classroom to the full. You'll discover: the real virtual classroom and how you should actually be using it; the key instructional design prinicples you should focus on when creating virtual classroom sessions; the ingredients for creating effective, interactive sessions; and, the design process you should follow to create a successful virtual classroom event.

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5. New learning mediums modules

These modules take a very learner-centric view of technology and new delivery mediums and helps you stay focused on:  the content first, the delivery medium second; the way learners actually use technology, as opposed to the way they are supposed to use it; and, separating the actual benefits new approaches will bring from the buzz and hype that surrounds their introduction.

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6. Visuals to support learning modules

While not trying to turn you into an instant graphic designer, these modules help you to:  understand better the true power and significance of visuals and diagrams; feel comfortable using them; and, show you how to apply them for maximum impact on learning outcomes.

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How do I put a customised programme together?

Once you are finished browsing the modules, take a look at the How does it all work? page. This explains how you can put together the modules you want into a customised programme.

  • The minimum length for a programme is half a day.
  • The maximum length is determined by however many modules you want to include.

What about pricing?

The How does it all work? page also gives you a clear, transparent pricing structure - so you know exactly what your training will cost, from the word go.