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Directors, managers and team leaders

Directors, Managers and Team Leaders

Expand your team's skill set and effectiveness with our courses and programmes in: learning impact and instructional design; and, using Articulate Storyline.



Courses, Programmes and Services to Meet the needs of you and your Team


Wherever you and your team are currently on your journey to providing enhanced learning solutions for your colleagues or customers, we have a range of services, courses and training programmes designed to improve your team's skills and effectiveness...


Optimise Employee Performance and Behaviours

Is your training troublesome and ineffective? It doesn't have to be that way. Typical, poor outcomes from training are not inevitable.

We can show you key processes, principles and tasks which will make your training evaluation simple, effective and credible.

You can learn how to incorporate these into your existing training design process, enabling you to dig down into the real impact of your training. Organise an in-house course for your team or attend one of our publicly scheduled courses.

Or have us do the work for you.

Optimise performance

Create smarter, more effective learning

Are you changing the way you deliver training and need to gain new skills? Is your team new to training design and needs help getting started. Are your existing training approaches no longer meeting the needs of the organisation?

Our modular in-house learning impact and instructional design programme means the training we deliver can be perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.

Our publicly scheduled and self-study options are a perfect alternative if you only have one or two colleagues who need some instructional design training.

ID Training for you and colleagues

Avoid boring, page-turning e-learning

If your e-learning looks more like a deck of PowerPoint slides than a piece of learning, you’ll know about the problem of learner apathy and disconnect.

Using our boredom-busting frameworks and approaches, we can create e-learning that learners will happily engage with and complete because it has clear relevance, impact and purpose.

Find out more about our flexible e-learning design and development services.

Page turning

Don't let your authoring tool hold the team back

Are your team just getting started with Articulate’s Storyline authoring tool? Or have they been using it for a while and are not getting the most from it?

You probably know there’s an overwhelming amount of functionality available in Storyline. But which features will make them the most productive and let them get most creative with your e-learning?

Our in-house Storyline training options can set your team on the right path and give them the right skills to rapidly become more productive and creative with their e-learning authoring.

Guy with headphones looking at laptop - small

Improve Performance from other delivery mediums

With the rise of e-learning, classroom courses and live online sessions sometimes become the poor relation of organisational training.

Yet, done right, face-to-face and live online learning still produce great results. Got a classroom course that needs developing or converting to a live online environment?

With our focus on practice, performance and results, you’ll get a great course that your learners will love and that will meet the needs of your organisation.

Classroom learning

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