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Training Evaluation

Evaluating Learning to Optimise Performance

Discover a simple, credible and effective way to successfully measure and evaluate the impact of a piece of learning.

One course. Five popular modules from our in-house programme. Two delivery mediums to choose from.


What You Will Cover

The Evaluating Learning to Optimise Performance course covers these five popular modules from our learning impact and instructional design in-house programme:

OLP01: Beyond Happy Sheets: Scoping and Planning Your Evaluation


Unlike so much evaluation of training which is, frankly, just an after-thought (think typical 'happy sheet') our approach is 'baked in' from the outset.
This module helps you:
  • identify what you really need to achieve from a piece of learning
  • ensure this is properly aligned with business needs, and
  • identify who to liaise and build relationships with outside L&D to ensure ultimate success.
Implicit in this approach is the recognition that ultimate success and performance improvements come from evolving, refining and supporting a learning intervention, by gathering and assessing qualitative feedback and quantitive metrics.

OLP02: Defining and Creating Your Impact Model


Central to your training evaluation approach will be your Impact Model. This will build on the scoping and planning work previously completed.

This module shows you how to define and create your Impact Model by identifying :

  • the issues that could, overall, depress the application of the new learning
  • the skills and knowledge to be covered in the learning, categorised by job role
  • what successful application of skills actually looks like, back in the workplace
  • the desired optimal improvement in performance the learners could ultimately achieve, once back on-the-job, and
  • how these optimal performance improvements align with high-level business goals.

OLP03: Designing Post Training Engagement 


Engaging fully with a range of learners post-training will provide a rich seam of data and insights to help you fully evaluate effectiveness.
This module shows you how to:
  • identify the learners most likely to provide useful insights and data for your evaluation
  • approach and motivate these learners to respond to your strategy
  • focus on the most important factors and issues when engaging with these learners post-training, and
  • frame investigative questions and follow-ups to achieve the fullest and most meaningful responses.

OLP04: Exploring Learner Success & Frustration


This module shows you how to dive deep into an investigation of:

  • your participants experiences with the training itself
  • how they have (or haven't) used the learning back in the workplace, and
  • the factors that have contributed positively or negatively to these outcomes.

You will also discover how to probe for valid responses and how to cross-check the data you are gathering, to ensure you are building an accurate and holistic picture of success (or lack of it).

OLP05: Assessing Overall Learning Impact and ROI


This module will show you how to analyse and collate information gathered from earlier stages of the evaluation to:
  • create powerful information which enables you to identify the level of success and its overall value
  • extrapolate any potential unrealised value of the training, and
  • formalise conclusions and recommendations for improving the impact of your training programme for your business/organisation.

How You Benefit

This course will help you to:
  • implement robust but straightforward tasks and processes to massively improve the value and effectiveness of the training you deliver
  • break free from the role of submissive L&D supplier and order-taker, and
  • become a respected expert, providing genuine value and benefit to your colleagues across your organisation.

Who Is It For?

This course is ideal for:
  • training directors, managers and team leaders, looking to raise the impact, success and profile of their respective departments and teams
  • anyone involved with the design of training who wants to add value to the work they carry out
  • anyone new to a training role who wants to start out doing their job as effectively as possible

Some Of Our Customers:

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Available Delivery Mediums

The Evaluate Learning to Optimise Performance course is available in two different delivery mediums:


1. In-Person

  • Practical course details

    Length: 1 day

    Times: 10.30 - 17.15

    Maximum participants: 6

    Frequency: courses run approximately every 12 weeks

    Price per person: £595, plus VAT  (Discounts for multiple bookings)

    Location: Central London

    Price includes: all course materials, lunch & refreshments throughout the day

  • Schedules and bookings

    You can see:

    • upcoming course dates, and
    • book course places


    at our separate Performance and Learning Academy website:




2. Live Online

  • Practical course details

    Length: The course consists of 3 live online sessions of 1 hour 40 minutes each.

    Session times:

    • Session 1: 9.30 - 11.10
    • Session 2: 11.30 - 13.10
    • Session 3: 14.30 - 16.10


    Maximum participants: 4

    Frequency: courses run approximately every 8 weeks

    Price per person: £545, plus VAT (Discounts for multiple bookings)

    Location: Online

    Price includes: access to all materials both online and in downloadable format.

  • Schedules and bookings

    You can see:

    • upcoming course dates, and
    • book course places


    at our separate Performance and Learning Academy website:


Guaranteed to Run

Book with confidence. All publicly scheduled in-person and live online courses are guaranteed to run.

Payment Options

Pay for your course by credit or debit card or choose to pay by invoice and bank transfer. Select your preferred option at checkout.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our public and self-study courses come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Discounts Available

Book two or more course places on any public courses and discounts apply. Check current offers when booking.

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