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Evaluating Training Effectivenes


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    2 min read

    Instructional design essentials: making learning meaningful

    You know the old adage. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.Brutal? You bet. Eight short words that devastate....

    2 min read

    Instructional design: using visuals to support learning

    When developing learning materials, most instructional designers and trainers rarely give much thought to how they use...

    2 min read

    More tips for choosing e-learning software

    Looking for e-learning software or e-learning authoring tools, can be a pretty time-consuming process. There are many...

    2 min read

    In-person training: helping adults learn effectively

    When you are designing learning (regardless of the delivery medium) key to success is an understanding of how adults...

    1 min read

    E-Learning games and gamification - avoid the 'weakest link' syndrome

    One big problem with games and learning: our first experience of them is usually part of play.

    We generally watch or...

    2 min read

    E-learning games and gamification - part 2

    Following on from Part 1 of this post, where I identified three key challenges for e-learning designers when thinking...

    2 min read

    E-learning games and gamification - part 1

    "Good game, good game", was the regular catch phrase of the late Bruce Forsyth when he hosted the popular TV programme ...

    2 min read

    Choosing an e-learning authoring tool: more than just feature comparison

    There are plenty of websites and articles providing advice about how to assess and choose an e-learning authoring tool...

    2 min read

    The trouble with PowerPoint

    I've done more than my fair share of PowerPoint-bashing in the past. And with good reason. Because there's no getting...

    1 min read

    Saving lives with an e-learning team of two?

    I know, the title sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? But Tom Kuhlmann (who writes Tom's Blog for Articulate users)...