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2 min read

Articulate Storyline Training: Use Freeform Interactions to Reimagine the Predictable


This Articulate Storyline training blog post, fouses on Storyline’s freeform interactions.

But you may not know that...

1 min read

Articulate Storyline Training: Text Variables In Action

In the previous Articulate Storylline training blog post, I explained what Storyline variables are and why they are so...

4 min read

Articulate Storyline Training: Variables Explained - Storyline's 'Secret Weapon'


In this next Articulate Soryline training blog post, we are going to focus on variables. If you were thinking about...
1 min read

Articulate Storyline Training: Masters and Layouts In Action

In the previous post on this blog about Articulate Storyline training, I wrote about Storyline masters and layouts,...

3 min read

Articulate Storyline Training: Masters and Layouts Explained


Many people are familiar with the idea of a software template. This is a great way of providing some pre-existing...

3 min read

Custom E-Learning Design: Is Your Authoring Tool Holding You Back?

Increasingly, if you are working in a learning and development role associated with designing and developing...

3 min read

Will Convergence Finally Kill Off E-Learning?

I've recently been watching the much-praised series House of Cards produced by and starring Kevin Spacey. I was a big...
3 min read

The 80/20 Principle and UK Articulate Storyline Training

What is the 80/20 Principle exactly? Well the concept of 80/20 is based on the work of Italian economist Vilfredo...
3 min read

E Learning Design: Lessons from Breaking Bad

Great excitement and anticipation recently, as Netflix started to show the last 8 episodes of the US TV drama series ...
2 min read

ELearning Design: Analogue Instructional Design in a Digital World

Recently, I spent some time working with an e-learning development team, who by their own admission, had spent years...