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Instructional Design Fundamentals Modules

At the heart of making your learning more effective.


About the Instructional Design Fundamentals Modules

Why is some learning more effective and successful? How do I decide which delivery medium (or mediums) might be most suitable for the learning I need to create?

We can't provide a one-size fits all answer these questions. We can provide insights into what works and what doesn't. Making it much easier to get a handle on:

  • how learners process and assimilate skills and knowledge
  • the methods, techniques and approaches to best support this, and
  • the delivery mediums most likely to get you effective results, based on your goals.


What Are the Available Modules?

There are two modules in our Instructional Design Fundamentals content stream:


IDF01: Successful skills transfer

Skills and knowledge transfer. It's at the heart of how we learn. If it doesn't succeed, nor do your learners, or your organisation.

This module introduces:

  • the skills and knowledge transfer continuum
  • the three types of transfer
  • how to identify the kind of transfer type you are working with, and
  • the implications this has for practice activities in your learning design

Module length: 2 hours

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IDF02: Applying Blended Models

With a clear picture of your learners, their needs and the topics and content you need to cover, you are in a good position to make a decision about a suitable delivery medium or blend of mediums.

This module introduces:

  • some key blended learning concepts
  • the broad programme models that people typically use for blended learning, and
  • our Frequency, Complexity and Shelf-Life Matrix to help you make smart decisions about which medium or mediums to use.

Module length: 1.5 hours


Available Delivery Mediums

All of the modules in the Instructional Design Fundamentals content stream are available in the following delivery mediums:

Download A Learning Impact and Instructional Design Brochure...

If you need more information about our learning impact and instructional design training in-house programme (or our public courses) download one of the comprehensive training brochures shown below:


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If you have any questions, or need some help with any aspect of the programme:
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Putting it all together

If you are ready to put your modules together into a customised in-house course, take a look at the How does it all work? page.

This explains how you can put together the modules you want into a customised programme.

  • The minimum length for a programme is half a day face-to-face or 3 hours of virtual classroom time
  • The maximum length is determined by however many modules you want to include

Your Essential Step-by-step Guide to Instructional Design Success


The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Instructional Design Success is a simple, but easy to follow road map, designed to set you on the right path.

In this highly practical guide, find out how to:

  • avoid developing long, dry presentations, over-stuffed with abstract, confusing content
  • incorporate effective, meaningful practice into your design, and
  • motivate your learners to apply what they've learnt back on the job.


Fill in the form below to be downloading a free copy of your guide, in seconds:

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