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Just getting started with e-learning? Still got more questions than answers? Our free E-Learning Getting Started Guide helps you get your thinking straight...



This easy-to-read guide is divided into 4 short sections:

Part 1: Is E-learning for me and my organisation?

This takes a look at what e-learning is, why you might use it and why you might not

Part 2: How do I make sure it’s effective and enjoyable?

This takes you through a whistle-stop tour of our basic philosophy around creating boredom-busting e-learning. What informs our thinking. Why we do it the way we do.

Part 3: How do I go about creating it?

This part looks at how you might go about creating e-learning. The people you might need on your team. A possible development process you might use. And some of the many practical ins and outs of getting started.

Appendix: About Pacific Blue

This part looks at who we are and why you might consider using us to help you on your e-learning journey.

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