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E-Learning: Design-Only, Refine or Complete

Need your e-learning designing, but want to build it yourself? Got a stalled project that needs refining or completing? Check out how we can help you...


Design or Refine? We Can Help 

Do you need early stage foundation work done to get your e-learning project designed and ready for building?

Or perhaps you have a very specific development need which will refine your e-learning course, at a specific point in the project.

There are lots of small ways we can probably help you. Below are three of the most typical situations.

Design to get started

We can help get you started, completing early stage instructional design work so you can take that early stage design through to completion.

Refine to tweak and polish

Or, maybe you've largely completed the job, but just need help with a few edits, tweaks and polishes to get the project ready for publishing.

Refine to reach completion

Or maybe you need someone to finish a project. Perhaps it's 80% done, but you don’t have the time, or resource to get that final 20% done.


Get Your Free Refine or Design Services Guide

If any of this describes a situation you find yourself in, then check out our free E-Learning Design or Refine Services Guide.

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Refine Or Design Guide: Who's It For?

The Design or Refine Services Guide is for you if you have an e-learning project that you need partial help with; typically:
  • Getting your project designed, or
  • Getting your stalled project refined or completed

The guide gives you a whistle-stop tour of our basic philosophy around creating boredom-busting e-learning. What informs our thinking. Why we do it the way we do.

It also covers some of the practical aspects of engaging us as your supplier to complete an e-learning project for you. The processes we typically use. How long it might take. What it’s like working with us.


Fill in the form below and you can be downloading your free copy of the guide, in seconds:

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Like What You Read in the Design or Refine Guide?

If you like what you read, you’re welcome to:

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