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Step by-step guide to ID success

Your roadmap to effective skills and knowledge transfer.


Why This Guide?

Nobody ever goes on a course or takes some learning just to absorb a load of facts. They go on a course to learn to do something. And do it effectively.


The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Instructional Design Success is a simple, but easy to follow road map, designed to set you on the right path.

Leave behind 'PowerPoint and talk' and discover a better way of helping people acquire new knowledge and skills. Develop learning your participants will look forward to taking, because it's effective and enjoyable.

In this highly practical guide, find out how to:

  • avoid developing long, dry presentations that are over-stuffed with abstract, confusing content
  • incorporate meaningful practice into your design and delivery
  • motivate your learners to apply what they've learnt back on the job, and
  • stop them forgetting most of what they learn, just weeks after their training


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