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Storyline In-house courses

Articulate Storyline In-house Courses

Enjoy the convenience of a flexible, modular in-house Storyline 3 or 360 course, tailored to your needs. On a date convenient to you and your team...


Overview of the In-House Storyline Training Programme

Improve your Storyline skills and increase your development productivity. Make sure you get exactly the help and training you need with our modular, pick and mix formula.


Take a few minutes to browse the complete range of modules available for a Storyline in-house programme. You can choose any modules you like and combine them together into a programme that's completely tailored to you.

Have us deliver the programme face-to face at your premises or remotely using our virtual classroom. Face-to-face and virtual classroom programmes are both instructor-led.


Browse All the Available Modules...

Scroll down to see all the available modules. We have organised the modules into five topic areas. Choose any of the modules from any of the topic areas to create your own, unique programme:


1. Storyline Core Functionality

The modules in this topic area introduce you to the key Storyline features which enable you to build the structure of your course and add essential functionality and interactivity to your slides:

  • CF01 Working with Story view, scenes, slides and slide layers (20 mins)
  • CF02 Creating and working with basic triggers (20 mins)
  • CF03 Understanding and using the timeline (20 mins)
  • CF04 Creating and working with states (20 mins)
  • CF05 Previewing and publishing your project (20 mins)
Storyline Core Functionality

2. Storyline Project Fundamentals

The modules in this topic area are about getting the foundations of your project in place. Getting to grips with these global features from the outset and setting up your project in the right way massively boosts your productivity down the line:

  • PF01 Setting up a project theme and working with templates (30 mins)
  • PF02 Creating customised masters and layouts for your project (40 mins)
  • PF03 Customising and sharing player settings for your project (20 mins)

Storyline Project Fundamentals

3. Storyline Quizzing and Interactions

The modules in this topic area cover how to build and customise a variety of different quiz and test questions and interactions. From basic, pre-formatted question types and interactions through to more advanced, customisable freeform interactions, question banks and results slides:

  • QI01 Creating basic pre-formatted interactions (20 mins)
  • QI02 Creating customised feedback masters and layouts (20 mins)
  • QI03 Building custom freeform interactions (30 mins)
  • QI04 Building and using question banks and results slides for testing and quizzing (30 mins)

Storyline Quizzing and Interactions

4. Storyline Multimedia and Animations

The modules in this topic area cover the key features you need to add more interest (and a little bit of pizzazz) to your slides:

  • MA01 Working with audio and video files in your project slides (20 mins)
  • MA02 Adding slide transitions, animations, zoom regions and hotspots (20 mins)
  • MA03 Adding motion paths to your project slides (20 mins)
  • MA04 Working with interactive markers, sliders and dials (20 mins)
  • MA05 Using the interactive screen capture tool for teaching systems and apps (20 mins)

Storyline Multimedia and Animation 2

5. Storyline Advanced Functionality

This topic area contains a series of longer modules that can really turbo-charge your use of Storyline and the kind of interactivity you can build into your courses. All the modules below are designed to make these more technical topics understandable and accessible to non-techies:

  • AF01 Working with triggers, conditions and branching (1 hour)
  • AF02 Introducing and working with variables, triggers and conditions (1.5 hours)
  • AF03 Advanced use of triggers, conditions and variables worksop (2 hours)
  • AF04 Using basic JavaScript in your project (1.5 hours)
  • AF05 Beyond the basics JavaScript workshop (2 hours)

Storyline Advanced Functionality

Download A Storyline Training Brochure...

If you need more information about our in-house programme download the comprehensive Storyline training brochure shown below:

How Many Modules Can I Choose?

Choose and sequence as many modules as you need and fit them into a suitable timeframe for either in-person or live online.

Modules vary in length from 20 minutes through to a maximum of 2 hours. Please see the module descriptions above for the exact length of each module.


In-person, we have a minimum and maximum number of hours delivered in a given day:
Minimum module time: 3 hours
Recommended maximum: 6 hours
Absolute maximum: 6.5 hours

Live online

Live online, we have a minimum and maximum number of hours delivered in a given day:
Minimum module time: 1.5 - 2 hours
Recommended maximum: 3.5 - 4 hours
Absolute maximum: 5.5 hours

All at once or spread the load?

Once you have decided which modules you would like to take, we will work with you to identify a suitable timetable for delivery. 

With in-person training, if people are taking more than a day of training they typically opt for delivery on consecutive days.

However, with live online delivery, it’s perfectly possible to spread sessions over a period of non-consecutive days (or weeks), allowing short breaks between days when sessions are delivered.

Calendar - small

Where does the programme run?

For in-person delivery, we usually come to you and deliver at your premises. If you have an off-site location you would prefer to use, just let us know.

Please note: if you choose an off-site location, you are wholly responsible for any booking and/or cancellation fees for the venue you are hiring.

For live online delivery, the sessions are delivered  in our virtual classroom.

Office building

Even more customisation?

We’ve aimed to make the content of the programme as modular and flexible as possible. However, if you need customisation of a particular module or a topic not covered by existing modules then please let us know.

We have a bank of modular materials over and above those we use for the standard modules.

So it's likely that if you have a more specialised request, we'll have something ready to use or something that requires only minimal work to prepare it.


Module Pricing

These are the prices for both in-person classroom and live online delivery:

In-Person Pricing

We price in-person training using a simple per hour price, allowing maximum flexibility in the length and frequency of module delivery:

Per half hour: £80, plus VAT, up to a maximum of 8
Per hour: £150, plus VAT, up to a maximum of 8

Live Online Pricing

We price live online delivery using a simple per hour price, allowing maximum flexibility in the length and frequency of module delivery:

Per half hour: £70, plus VAT, up to a maximum of 8
Per hour: £130, plus VAT, up to a maximum of 8


More About Pricing...


We offer a 10% discount on the in-person rates shown above, if you have a small group (up to a maximum of three) who need an in-person, in-house course.

Expenses for in-person training

For in-person delivery, we re-charge any trainer travel or accommodation expenses to you, at cost. Our trainers are located in the Home Counties and south Midlands, so expenses will depend on how far we have to travel to reach your premises.

After your programme finishes

After your training, you have exclusive access to our Storyline Clinic.
Get your Storyline development problems or solutions solved quickly and easily by us. Sparing you stress, worry and avoiding valuable lost development time.
You get some free Clinic time immediately after completing your training. Find out more about the Storyline Clinic here.

The benefits of our custom in-house Storyline training

These are the benefits:

  • Complete customisation of your course content
  • A flexible delivery schedule
  • A complete set of course materials
  • 1 hour of free Storyline Clinic time
  • Exclusive paid access to the Storyline Clinic once your free hour has been used

Happy trainees

Next Steps

Getting your programme up and running really can be as simple as 1, 2, 3:
1. Browse the content streams and modules.
2. Select your modules and your delivery units
3. Call us on 0845 122 7102 to tell us your choices and when you want them.
Need some help deciding which modules to choose? Need some additional customisation? Whatever you want, we'll be happy to help.
Call us on 0845 122 7102
Send us an email at: enquiry@pacificblue.co.uk, or
Use the form below:

Need Help? Got Questions about the Storyline Programme?