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Storyline Overview

Articulate Storyline Training

Get highly practical, action-packed training to learn Articulate's latest e-learning authoring tool: Storyline 3 and 360.


Join the Storyline Productivity Fast Track

We could ask you to spend three days of your life learning Storyline. We could cover every last detail of the software. Explore every nook and cranny of its feature-rich interface. Make your head spin explaining every single button and menu item.

But we know that isn't the most productive way to learn a piece of software or a good use of your valuable time. Instead, we offer you the smart approach to your Storyline training. The 80/20 approach to learning this fabulous e-learning authoring tool.


Taking the 80/20 Approach

Applying the 80/20 principle to learning Storyline means that roughly 70-80% of your success developing e-learning will come from using only about 20-30% of Storyline's functionality.

In other words, spending lots of extra time learning every last detail of Storyline will only give you a tiny, insignificant return on your investment.

Focus your efforts for a short, intensive period of time on the highly significant, most effective 20-30% of it's features and you'll be producing more effective results more quickly, with less effort and less frustration.

80-20 Storyline

Get Street Smart Certified

Our training is based on our experiences in the trenches, not some perfect, official textbook version of how Storyline should work. We'll show you some 80/20 tips and tricks that are not in the official guide.

We love Storyline and think it's a great development tool. But it's not perfect. While it’s getting better with each new version release, there are still some aspects of it that, in our opinion, need improving. As we've got no vested interest in trying to make it sound better than it is or in peddling an official line, we'll tell it like it is.

Where we think its features are great we'll tell you. Where we think it's weak, we won't hide that from you. And wherever possible, we'll give you workarounds for the weaker aspects.

Street Smart Certified

The Training We Offer

To help you with your Storyline skills, we have the following option:

Custom In-House Programme


In-person classroom or live online in our virtual classroom; both delivery mediums are instructor-led. In-person classroom-based courses would usually be delivered by us on your premises. Ideal for small groups or larger teams of people all working in the same organisation.




Got Something In Mind?



Let's Talk

If you are thinking about running some in-house training, let's talk.

It doesn't matter whether it's very early stages or something that's further forward than that.

We're happy to talk to you, obligation-free.

Training discussion

Schedule a free, no-Obligation Call

The best way to do this is to schedule a free call with one of our learning design experts.

The call can be 15, 30 or 60 minutes long, depending on how much time you think you might need. (And there's no harm in choosing a longer call time, even if you don't need all the time allocated).

You can make the booking here on our website where you'll find available time slots over the next couple of weeks or so.

Alternatively, you can:

No obligation call

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