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trainers and facilitators

Trainers and Facilitators

Expand your skill set and your horizons with our courses and programmes in: learning impact and instructional design; and, using Articulate Storyline.



Courses and Programmes Just for you

Whether you are a seasoned trainer or facilitator or someone relatively new to the job, we have courses and programmes tailored just for you...


Extend your skills from delivery to design

The world of learning and development is rapidly moving to more digital and online delivery.

If your skills and talents are rooted in more traditional classroom delivery and facilitation, this can seem like a scary trend.

Need to enhance and extend your skills from delivery to design? Then either our in-house, publicly scheduled or self-study learning impact and instructional design courses can help.

digital design

Love your virtual training room as much as your real one

Designing training for a virtual environment can seem like an unappealing prospect. You love the buzz of the training room and the lively interactions it produces. Why replace it with something so abstract? Won’t your virtual classroom sessions just become jazzed up online presentations?

Not necessarily so! With the right skills and approaches, your virtual classroom environment can become as vibrant and engaging as your real training room.

Check out our self-study courses about designing for the virtual classroom or our in-house instructional design options.

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Storyline training for non-technical people

Getting started with an e-learning authoring tool like Storyline can feel like a daunting prospect.

So many features and lots of new terminology and concepts. But what will help you become most productive and still let you inject some creativity into your e-learning?

Our in-house Storyline training options can guide you through the new and unfamiliar; set you on the right path; and, give you the right skills to become both productive and creative.

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