E Learning Course Design and Development Services

Thinking about e-learning for the first time and need some help navigating your way through a project? Just looking to find a suitable supplier to develop your project? Check out the different ways we can help you...

Getting you through - wherever you are in your project

E-learning projects typically have three broad stages: analysis; design and build. We can help you through some or all of those stages, depending on your need.

Where are you right now?

When people come to talk to us, they are often at one of the four points shown below.

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Thinking_about Get_moving
Build Tweak


For a bit more detail about each of these four situations, see below...

Just thinking about getting started

You're just starting to think about using e-learning. Or you are using e-learning already but you are just starting to think about a specific project. At this stage you only have a rough idea of what you want. But you'd like some more information to help you on your way.

If this describes your situation, learn more here.

Definite project to design and build

You have a reasonably well mapped out requirement. Broadly you know what you want and who it's for. You also want to make sure the e-learning is interesting and, above all, effective. You are starting to look for a suitable supplier to complete the job for you

If this describes your situation, learn more here.

Just need the project built

You're well on the way with your project. You have the initial analysis and instructional design work done. What you need now is someone to build the e-learning for you. You may even have a specific authoring tool in mind to complete the job.

If this describes your situation, learn more here.

Help with designing, tweaking or refining

You only need partial help with your project - so you are looking for a supplier who is flexible and willing to take on small or partial pieces of development. Some examples are: getting the project started; building the foundation of the course in an authoring tool; editing and tweaking the finer details of a course to get the projection to completion. Or some other partial project work not listed here.

If this describes your situation, learn more here.