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Designing for the Virtual Classroom Modules

Move beyond predictable presentational webinars and get the full benefits of the REAL virtual classroom.


About the virtual classroom design modules

Virtual classroom technology has been widely adopted at an astonishing pace. Yet many people are still only scratching the surface of its capability with content presentation to mass audiences, using a webinar format.
This content stream moves you beyond standard, predictable webinars and gets you using your virtual classroom to the full. It covers:

  • the real virtual classroom and how you should actually be using it
  • the key instructional design principles you should be focusing on when you create virtual classroom sessions
  • the ingredients for creating effective, interactive sessions, and
  • the design process you should follow to create a successful virtual classroom event.

What are the available modules?

There are four modules for you to choose from in our Virtual Classroom Design content stream:


VC01: Beyond webinars - the real virtual classroom

Webinars are the most well-known and most popular aspect of the virtual classroom. But they are only part of a much bigger picture.

This introductory module focuses on:

  • the real virtual classroom and how it’s fundamentally different from a webinar
  • the key considerations when using different virtual classroom tools and techniques, and
  • matching the most suitable tools and techniques with different kinds of activities.

Module length: 1 hour

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VC02: Virtual classroom fundamentals

A virtual classroom shares many similarities with a physical one. But successful virtual classroom sessions are rarely about just shifting a classroom course lock, stock and barrel into a virtual environment.

This module covers some fundamental design principles and helps you understand how to:

  • incorporate 4 key ingredients for virtual classroom success in your overall design
  • avoid death by bullet points - use a smart combination of visuals and text in any visuals or PowerPoint slides, and
  • successfully include a meaningful focus on skills practice in your virtual classroom sessions.

Module length: 2 hours

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VC03: Keeping It Interactive

If you've ever attended a webinar, you'll know how easy it is to lose concentration or just get bored with what's going on.

There's no question, attention spans are generally shorter in the virtual classroom.

This is why meaningful collaboration and interactivity are critical to your virtual session's success. This module covers:

  • the key types of interaction you should consider for your virtual classroom sessions
  • how to successfully align these types with your learning goals, and
  • the best approaches to building meaningful interactions and collaborative activities.

Module length: 2 hours

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VC04: Developing a virtual classroom session

Successful session design for the virtual classroom is highly dependent on having a robust, practical development framework to follow.

This module covers how to:

  • clearly analyse the purpose of your content and its likely complexity
  • determine an overall flow for your session, and
  • design appropriate activities that sit within that overall flow.

This module uses a case study example to enable hands-on development work of an overall course flow and the detail of a segment within that flow.

Module length: 2 hours

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Available Delivery Mediums

All of the modules in the Virtual Classroom Design content stream are available in the following delivery mediums:

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Putting it all together

If you are ready to put your modules together into a customised in-house course, take a look at the How does it all work? page.

This explains how you can put together the modules you want into a customised programme.

  • The minimum length for a programme is half a day face-to-face or 3 hours of virtual classroom time
  • The maximum length is determined by however many modules you want to include

Get Your Guide to Successful Remote Learning


The Successful Remote Learning Guide introduces you to the basics of designing and delivering interactive, live online learning sessions  in the virtual classroom.

Move way beyond predictable 'PowerPoint and talk' webinars. Instead, develop and deliver collaborative, interactive sessions your learners will look forward to attending, because they're effective, enjoyable and memorable.

In this highly practical guide, find out how to:
  • move beyond designing long, dry presentation-style webinars that are over-stuffed with abstract, confusing content
  • incorporate meaningful practice in your virtual classroom sessions, through intelligent use of its interactive features
  • prime your learners so they get full benefit from their virtual classroom session, and
  • discover the secrets of preparing and delivering a successful live online event.
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