About Pacific Blue

Founded in 2002, Pacific Blue Solutions has established a reputation for offering innovative solutions toPacific Blue the challenges of developing effective, performance-improving learning.

Who We Are

We are a specialist training and consultancy company dedicated to working with you and your organisation to create high-quality learning solutions that get results.

Why We Are Bothered

Sometimes we are asked about how and why Pacific Blue got started. One thing that motivated us in the early stages was our love of learning. For us, learning is a positive. It’s about broadening horizons, increasing possibilities and enabling change. In our view, a world without learning would be a dark and dismal place.

It's easy to think everyone will be enthusiastically engaging in learning, all day, every day. Not so. Formal, structured learning is often seen as a chore. Something to be endured, or got out of the way. In the worst case, something to be avoided like the plague.

Too often, we come across a huge mismatch between what people want and need from learning and what they actually get. There can be lots and lots of reasons for this. But the thing we see missing time and time again? Real knowledge or understanding of how to make learning lasting and effective.

To us, this is a sad state of affairs. It gets learning a bad name. It makes people reluctant to learn. It makes organisations reluctant to spend time and money on learning.

Making Learning Effective

Which brings us to our deeper motivation. Why we get out of bed every morning to run Pacific Blue. In reality, it’s straightforward. For us, it's about doing our bit to halt ineffective learning.

There are two sides to this. There's the 'science'. And there are the human factors. The 'scientific' is about making sure your learning gets clear results, through focused, intelligent design.

But being 'scientifically' effective is rarely enough - because learning is a very social activity, too.

So the other aspect of our mission is to make learning enjoyable. To make sure our designs keep learners absorbed and fully engaged, whatever they are learning about. Sometimes, it's about making sure learning is downright fun.

To sum up, then, our mission is twofold. First, to make sure learning achieves its goals. Second, to make sure it's an enjoyable activity. The result? People will be happy to continue learning. And organisations will be happy to re-invest in learning.

Four Key Elements

We focus on four main elements to achieve the best outcomes for you, our clients:

  • Learners are paramount: our approaches to developing learning content put the learners at the core.
  • Knowledge and skills are critical to success: it's all about the balance between giving authentic skills practice and providing relevant supporting knowledge.
  • Results must be visible: unless you can see progress and improvement, what’s the point?
  • Pricing must be realistic: your spend must be less than any savings you'll make or the value you’ll add.

What We Do

Based in the UK, we offer a unique blend of services and training programmes centred around instructional design and creating learning content.

This can be through a 'done for you' service where we take the strain and complete the job for you. It can be a do-it-yourself approach where we train you and your colleagues in the 'how-to' of learning and instructional design. Or it could be a blend of the two approaches.

We work with clients from all sectors across the UK and internationally. Read more about our key product and service areas below.

Learning Services

Specifically we offer the following:

  • Instructional design training programmes - for both organisations and individuals
  • Articulate Storyline training
  • Custom e-learning development services, and 
  • Custom development services for classroom and blended learning solutions