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From order-taker to trusted expert

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What's in the Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Training Guide?


Are you a learning and development order- taker? Do you simply fulfil the requests of picky, demanding internal ‘clients’ who mostly disrespect you and generally treat you like you know nothing?
Do you feel the negative blowback when the course ‘they’ wanted (and wouldn’t let you change) didn’t fix their ‘problem’? If you feel impotent and frustrated in your job and frequently wonder why you ever went into L&D, it doesn’t have to be like this.
There is a different way:
  • A way that gets you the respect you deserve.

  • A way that positions you as a trusted expert and colleague.

  • A way that unquestionably demonstrates your value to your organisation.

And it starts with a fundamental shift. A shift from seeing yourself as being in the training delivery business to recognising you are really in the business improvement business.
Want to find out more about that shift and what making it involves?
Download our free guide. It outlines evaluation strategies you can use, to start that shift from order-taker to trusted expert.
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From order-taker to trusted expert