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Storyline Clinic

Articulate Storyline Clinic

Buy small blocks of time to get your Storyline development issues resolved by us, quickly and easily.

Get Storyline Problems Solved

Got a nagging Storyline question, you haven't been able to answer? A problem you just can't seem to solve?

You could trawl the internet for answers. You could spend your valuable time in endless forums or reading through blog posts, in search of an answer.

Or you could have us do it for you.


'Free' Information comes at a price

You know how irrelevant and unfocused some of that 'free' information is. Sometimes out of date. Sometimes poorly written. Sometimes, the 'answers' you find are just downright dumb.

This information is free, if your time has no cost attached to it. If you have no cares in the world and you can spend your days clicking and scrolling through endless web pages.

Searching the web

Looming deadlines, increasing stress

But for most of us, the clock is ticking. Deadlines loom. The pressure's on.

The more time you spend hoping for an answer in those blogs and forums, the less time you have to get your development done.

And you know how this turns out. Another late night, catching up with what you should've done earlier, while you were searching for an answer.

late night working

Storyline Solutions without the stress

There is an alternative. Remove the stress and anxiety. Increase your productivity. Streamline your work flows. Meet your deadlines.

Fire off a quick email describing your question or Storyline problem, knowing you'll get your question answered within hours.

That's the simplicity and certainty you get with the Storyline Clinic.

Happy man in red sweater

How does the Storyline clinic work?

You buy blocks of time to get your Storyline development issues resolved by us quickly and easily:

1. Buy Your Blocks

4 x 15-minute blocks: £199, plus VAT
6 x 15-minute blocks: £249, plus VAT
8 x 15-minute blocks: £299, plus VAT

2. Tell Us About Your Issue

Contact us by email with your problem or your question. Attach any relevant screenshots to help illustrate the situation.

3. We Resolve It

Simple cases get resolved by email. More complex ones may require more explanation and input from you.


Our Rock Solid Guarantee

If for any reason we are unable to resolve your Storyline issue or problem, you pay nothing.


Using Your Time Blocks


  • Buy 15-minute time blocks in advance, in bundles of 4, 6 or 8 (see pricing above).
  • We'll give you an estimate of time needed to resolve your issue, after receiving the details from you.
  • If extra blocks are likely to be needed, we'll ask for your approval before we get started.
  • Blocks are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Use them or lose them – unused blocks cannot be rolled over.
  • If we can’t resolve your issue, no block (or blocks) will be used up.

Who Can Use the Clinic?


The Storyline Clinic is currently only available to people who have attended our Storyline training or who have had Storyline development work completed by us.

Anyone falling into either of the above two categories will get a free bundle of 4 x 15-minute time blocks to get them started.
This free bundle is valid for 6 months from the date of your last training session with us.