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ID Programmes Overview

Instructional Design Training Programmes

Create smarter, more effective learning.


Is Your Existing Training Not Delivering The Results You Need?

Are changes to the way you deliver training, driving the need for you (or your team) to enhance their instructional design skills?

Are you new to a learning and development role and need some help getting started with effective instructional design?

In uncertain times, an organisation needs its employees at the top of their game. More than ever, effective quality training is critical to both personal and organisational success.

If you want your training to engage learners, introduce new skills and decisively improve performance, you need reliable ID principles and a focused, results-driven approach.

The Programmes and Courses We Offer

If you are looking for help with your instructional design, we currently have two different delivery options available:

Custom In-House Programmes


Delivered either face-to-face on your premises or live online in our virtual classroom. Both options are instructor led. Ideal for small groups or larger teams of people who are all working in the same organisation.



Public and Self-Study Courses


Our publicly scheduled and self-study courses offer access to the best of our in-house programme, when an in-house programme isn't suitable. Scheduled public courses are available either face-to-face or in the virtual classroom.




Why Take One of Our Programmes?

When you take one of our instructional design programmes or courses, this is what you'll get...

  • The latest in best practice - get the most up-to-date thinking and best practices.
  • The benefit of others' hard work - get the cream of results and findings from experts around the globe.
  • Help after the course -  you have access to a range of follow-up options to help you implement your learning most effectively.
  • What you want when you want it - with our unique, flexible modular options and several different delivery formats.
  • A great learning experience -  you get to experience first-hand the techniques and approaches you'll be learning about.
  • The results you need - courses that help embed learning, improve performance and increase results.
Why ID programmes

Who are our Programmes and Course Suitable for?

We have lots of different people taking our instructional design programmes and courses. They are ideal if you:

  • are new to the role of developing training programmes.
  • are a trainer with lots of delivery experience but limited design experience.
  • have design experience limited to one medium (e.g. classroom) and you need to learn about a different medium (e.g. e-learning).
  • have lots of informal on-the-job design experience, but no formal training.
  • want to extend and update your instructional design skills and knowledge.
Who suitable for

Got something in mind?


Let's Talk

If you are thinking about running some in-house training, attending a public course or completing a self-study course, let's talk.

It doesn't matter whether it's very early stages or something that's further forward than that.

We're happy to talk to you, obligation-free.

Training discussion

Schedule a free, no-Obligation Call

The best way to do this is to schedule a free call with one of our learning design experts.

The call can be 15, 30 or 60 minutes long, depending on how much time you think you might need. (And there's no harm in choosing a longer call time, even if you don't need all the time allocated).

You can make the booking here on our website where you'll find available time slots over the next couple of weeks or so.

Alternatively, you can:

No obligation call

Looking for Something Else?