Instructional Design Fundamentals Modules
At the heart of making learning more effective

Why are some learning events effective and successful while others fail to deliver? We can't provide a simple, one-size fits all blueprint to guarantee success - because it doesn't exist.

We can provide clear insights into what we know works and what we know doesn't.

The modules in this content stream, get right to the heart of the matter, by giving you a solid handle on:ID Icon

  • how learners assimilate, process and transfer knowledge, and
  • the methods, techniques and approaches that can best support this.

What are the modules in this stream?

There are three modules to choose from in our Instructional Design Fundamentals content stream:

Module 1: Understanding knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer. It's at the heart of how we learn. If it doesn't succeed, nor do your learners, or your organisation. This module focuses in on the key concepts and components of knowledge transfer, helping you understand:

  • the stages of the journey you should take your learner through to achieve optimal knowledge transfer
  • the knowledge transfer continuum and how it applies to different types of content and skills
  • practical activities and interactions you can use to best support different types of transfer.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: IDF01

Module 2: The power of psychology in learning

Do learners know what's best for them? Do we really know the impact a learner's mindset can have on their success? Critical questions - particularly when providing learning for adults. This module covers:

  • why learning styles are a distraction from what's really going on for learners
  • how learner self-awareness is not all it's cracked up to be, and
  • how your learners' mindset is critical to success and what you can do to influence it for the good.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: IDF02

Module 3: Why practice really does make perfect

Practice. Does it make perfect? The short answer is a very definite 'yes'. The caveat - if it's done right. With a whole body of research to back up this conclusion, this module covers:

  • the best way to deliver practice activities to your learners, regardless of medium
  • the most (and least) successful types of practice activities you can use, and
  • the crucial role the right kind of feedback plays in supporting your learners.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: IDF03

What about practice?

All modules contain a variety of exercises and activities, making the learning experience practical, hands-on and highly interactive.

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How do I put together a customised in-house course?

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  • The minimum length for a programme is half a day.
  • The maximum length is determined by however many modules you want to include.

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