Virtual Classroom Modules
Live online learning that's effective and interactive

Virtual classroom technology has been widely adopted at an astonishing pace. Yet many of its most useful features are greatly underused.

Most people are still only scratching the surface of its capability with content presentation to mass audiences, using a webinar format.


This content stream moves you beyond standard, predictable webinars and gets you using your virtual classroom to the full. It covers:ID Icon

  • the real virtual classroom and how you should actually be using it
  • the key instructional design principles you should be focusing on when you create virtual classroom sessions
  • the ingredients for creating effective, interactive sessions, and
  • the design process you should follow to create a successful virtual classroom event

What are the modules in this stream?

There are five modules for you to choose from in our Virtual Classroom content stream:

Module 1: Beyond webinars: understanding the real virtual classroom

Webinars are the most well-known and most popular aspect of the virtual classroom. But they are only part of a much bigger picture. This introductory module focuses on:

  • the real virtual classroom and what it's actually all about
  • how it stacks up when compared with face-to-face learning, and
  • the secrets of using graphics and media successfully within a virtual classroom environment

Note: optionally, participants can take part in an introductory virtual classroom session before attending this module.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: VC01

Module 2: Virtual classroom fundamentals

A virtual classroom shares many similarities with a physical one. But successful virtual classroom sessions are rarely about just shifting a classroom course lock, stock and barrel into a virtual environment. This module covers some fundamental design principles and helps you understand how to:

  • assess the suitability of content and skills for transfer to the virtual classroom
  • incorporate effective practice into your sessions, and
  • best mirror the social aspects of the physical classroom in a virtual one.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: VC02

Module 3: Keeping it interactive

If you've ever attended a webinar, you'll know how easy it is to lose concentration or just get bored with what's going on. There's no question, attention spans are generally shorter in the virtual classroom. This is why meaningful collaboration and interactivity are critical to your virtual session's success. This module covers:

  • the four key types of interaction you should consider for your virtual classroom sessions
  • how to successfully match these interaction types with virtual classroom features, and
  • the best approaches to building a meaningful sequence of interactions and collaborative activities.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: VC03

Module 4: Developing a virtual classroom session

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-purposing an existing course, successful session design for the virtual classroom is highly dependent on having a robust, practical development process to follow. This module covers:

  • the step-by-step processes you should follow when re-purposing materials or starting from scratch
  • how to determine pre-session work from in-session activities, and
  • the learner handouts and guides and detailed trainer instructions you need to create to support effective delivery of your session.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: VC04

Module 5: Delivering a virtual classroom session

Even if you will never deliver a virtual classroom session yourself, as an instructional designer, insight into the world of a virtual classroom trainer is vital. If virtual classroom delivery is on your horizon, you'll need to understand just how different the experience can be from delivering sessions in a physical classroom. This module covers:

  • the new skills you'll need to deliver a successful virtual classroom session
  • the practical preparation you'll need to do before a session begins, and
  • step-by-step how to run a live, virtual classroom session without falling flat on your face - virtually, that is.

Note: this module involves participants running a practice virtual classroom session after completing this classroom module.

Module options

  • Standard version: 1.5 hours, or
  • In-depth version: 2 hours

Module code: VC05

What about practice?

All modules contain a variety of exercises and activities, making the learning experience practical, hands-on and highly interactive, whatever delivery format you choose.

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  • The minimum length for a programme is half a day.
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