VC Success Guide Cover

Presenting nothing more than webinars in your virtual classroom is like having a car with 5 gears, but only ever driving it in second or third...

The Virtual Classroom Succes Guide introduces you to the basics of designing and delivering interactive, live online learning sessions.

Move way beyond predictable 'PowerPoint and talk' webinars. Instead, develop and deliver collaborative, interactive sessions your learners will look forward to attending, because they're effective, enjoyable and memorable.

In this highly practical guide, find out how to:

  • move beyond designing long, dry presentation-style webinars that are over-stuffed with abstract, confusing content
  • incorporate meaningful practice in your virtual classroom sessions, through intelligent use of its interactive features
  • prime your learners so they get full benefit from their virtual classroom session, and
  • discover the secrets of preparing and delivering a successful live online event.