Articulate Storyline In-house Course: 1-Day Expert Masterclass

Enjoy the convenience of an in-house Storyline 3 or 360 course tailored to your needs. On a date convenient to you and your team...

If you have more than 2 people in your organisation who need to learn Articulate Storyline 3 or 360, an in-house option will almost certainly be the most cost-effective solution.

1-day Storyline Expert Masterclass

The Expert Master Class goes deep into some of Storyline's most powerful features, enabling you to move your focus beyond speed, productivity and effectiveness to increasing your levels of expertise and excellence.

Discover how to add even more functionality to your Storyline courses, through a mix of structured practice and individually focused workshop time.

This 1-day Expert Masterclass will take your Storyline development skills to a much higher level, enabling you to provide a richer, more interactive e-learning experience for your learners.

The result? Even more effective learning and even greater improvements in individual and your organisation's performance.

By the end of the day, you'll be able to add complex interactive elements to your Storyline course, as standard. Elements your average developer doesn't even know are possible.

You can also include any specific features that you need to use for your own projects.

Note: If you are unsure about which other Storyline features to include, we can advise you on this.

Work on our real-world example throughout the day or focus on a project of your own. It’s your choice.

Whatever you choose, you get a blend of structured, supported practice activities and personalised workshop time to really start implementing advanced Storyline features and tools.

All course materials fully updated for Storyline 3 and 360.

What's the pricing?

  • 1 day: £825, plus VAT for up to 3 people
  • £95, plus VAT per additional person up to a maximum of 8

Download the full details and the course outline here.

1-day Expert Masterclass Course Outline

This is the course outline for our 1-day in-house course, Storyline: The Expert Masterclass:

1. Expert Level Actions and Variables

Discover how to put a wealth of control and interactivity at your finger tips through the use of variables and their conditional logic.

If this sounds scary and mathematical, don't be put off. We take you from basics to more complex with a series of carefully structured tasks and practice activities, all of which relate to a real-world example course.

In this first segment of the masterclass, you'll get comfortable with:

  • creating three types of variables and using them to apply different actions and logic
  • using data entry boxes and text variables to capture responses from your learners
  • displaying the value of number and text variables within your course, for your learners to see.
  • using number and true/false variables to control and personalise content and actions based on your learners’ decisions and responses.
2. Expert Level Quizzes, Assessments and Scenarios

Dig much deeper into the mechanics of creating quizzes, assessments and scenarios than in the Storyline Fast Track course. Find out how to:

  • add scoreboards to your quizzes, assessments and scenarios
  • build question banks you can customise and re-use across Storyline projects
  • create personalised results slides for your learners, and
  • gamify your e-learning quizzes, assessments and scenarios through branching and conditional logic

Bonus topic: discover how to rapidly build and embed realistic scenario-based  activities and tests, using Branch Track - an easy-to-use Storyline-compatible development tool.

3. Expert Level Interactive Video and Screen Recording

Discover sophisticated and time-saving video and screen recording options with Storyline’s unique View, Try and Test modes.

These are ideal for teaching your learners how to use systems, software applications or to follow task-based or procedural steps. You'll discover how to use these three modes to incorporate truly compelling, video-based interactions into your e-learning.

4. Expert Level Triggers and Variables Workshop - NEW!

This workshop-style module really dives deep into the combined power of variables and triggers. Building on the skills you learn in module 1, this highly interactive session enables you to discover how to use variables and triggers to control advanced interactivity on individual slides as well as across a number of different slides.

Learn how to really make Storyline implement your instructional design thinking and creativity, rather than having Storyline's basic built in interactivity dictate and control what your learning can achieve.

Download all the details and both the course outlines in PDF format right here.

Discounted 2-day Storyline Expert Masterclass + Productivity Fast Track

Combine the 1-day Expert Masterclass course with our introductory 1-day Productivity Fast Track course and get a significant discount on the pricing:

  • 2 days: £1490, plus VAT, for up to 3 people
  • £185, plus VAT, per additional person, up to a maximum of 8

Download the full details and the course outline here.

Need an in-house course outside the UK?

Most of the in-house training we do is in the UK, but we sometimes provide in-house courses for clients based outside the UK.

Prices for running courses overseas are exactly the same as shown above - you'll just need to factor in the travel and accommodation costs for our trainer.

1-to-1 Storyline Training

If it's just you wanting face-to-face Storyline training and you can't make any of our public dates, then 1-to-1 training might be an option.

We can run 1-to-1 sessions either on your premises or at our base in Birmingham city centre.

  • £595 per day, plus VAT and any related travel or accommodation expenses, if you prefer us to come to you.

Add some instructional design training...

If you would like to add some instructional design training to your Storyline in-house course, this is easily done.

Choose from over 19 available instructional design modules specialising in either e-learning instructional design or other aspects fo instructional design, too.

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