Storyline Scheduled Public Courses: 1-Day Productivity Fast Track

Get highly practical action-packed training to learn Articulate's latest e-learning authoring tool: Storyline 3 and 360

Join us for the first of our two publicly scheduled Articulate Storyline courses in either London or Birmingham: our 1-day Productivity Fast Track course

Read on to learn more about this 1-day course...

Storyline Productivity Fast Track (1 Day)

In Storyline Female 2a single day of training, our scheduled public course Storyline Productivity Fast Track focuses you on the essential features you need to build an effective e-learning course.

And this is not some mickey-mouse, pie-in-the sky case study example course. This is an actual course we've designed and built for a paying client.

We'll show you how to use the 30-40% of Storyline's most beneficial features to create a highly effective, customised piece of e-learning.

80/20 Time Saving Features

As well as some absolute fundamentals to get you up and running, we put 80/20 time saving features at the heart of the course. Features that often get overlooked because they aren't 'sexy' or 'cool', or features that are deemed too ‘advanced’ for new users.

But these are exactly the features that should be at the top of everyone's 'how to' list because they will save you hours of development time when applied smartly.

What's the Pricing?
  • 1-day Productivity Fast Track: £355 per person, plus VAT
  • Combined discount price for 1-day Productivity Fast Track and 1-day Expert Masterclass: £685 per person, plus VAT

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1-day Productivity Fast Track Course Outline

This is the course outline for the 1-day scheduled public course, Storyline Productivity Fast Track:

1. Storyline fundamentals: get the building blocks in place

Learn the basic building blocks of Storyline. Create and build basic slides and scenes. Add shapes, images and text to your slides; use Storyline's built-in characters.

2. Custom themes and master slides: super-charge your productivity

This session covers two of the quickest and easiest, (but least talked about) ways to vastly improve your Storyline productivity.

Discover how creating a custom theme and developing a well-thought out set of master slides at the beginning of your project can save you hours of development time; additionally, learn how to use master slides to create robust, custom navigation.

3. Feedback masters: a Storyline 'secret weapon'

Another little used or talked about Storyline 'secret weapon'. Go way beyond predictable  ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’ feedback messages. Find out how to use feedback masters to lay the foundations for meaningful, context-sensitive feedback.

With this fantastic productivity booster, you can build well-calibrated, performance-improving feedback into your courses. Feedback that really helps embed and enhance learning.

4. Multimedia engagement tools: making your learning more memorable

Find out how to add and edit basic audio and video to your slides. You’ll learn to use video files attached to your project and how to link to third-party video-hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.

Discover how to apply simple but effective multimedia tools and techniques such as hotspots, sliders, dials, zoom regions and interactive icons. And if you need a bit of extra pizazz, we’ll show you how to easily add animations and transitions to your slides.

5. The Storyline Player: how the world views your course

Whenever you publish a Storyline course, as a minimum default, there is a coloured border around the edge of your slides. This is called the Storyline Player. How much or how little extra information or formatting you want the Player to display is entirely up to you.

Discover how this highly customisable feature can give you just the look and feel you want including logos, navigation options, links to resources, glossaries, notes and much more.

You’ll find out how to get the perfect colour for your Player’s border; or how to remove the border completely. Finally, you’ll discover how to save and share your custom settings with colleagues and other developers, making collaboration easy and saving everyone hours of time.

6. Quizzes and Questions: beyond the predictable 'me-too' features

Storyline’s default styles and layouts for quizzes and questions are pretty uninspiring. The kind of thing you find in almost every e-learning authoring tool. So, in this session, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily customise these defaults to create a much more professional look.

Most important, you’ll discover how easy it is to use Storyline’s free-form quizzes and questions, as the framework for building your own relevant, authentic assessments and interactivity. Discover how to get much more from these free-form interactions than your typical user.

7. Layers and states: building meaningful interactivity

Learn how to use layers and states to support and enhance your building of meaningful interactivity and feedback.

Additionally, find out how you can apply layers and states to create a well-crafted series of optional responses in scenarios and conversation paths. In this module we'll also look at other ways to control your interactivity through the use of slider bars and animation paths.

8. Triggers and actions: manage and control your interactivity

Discover how to quickly and easily add triggers and actions to different elements of your course to manage and activate your interactivity and to control navigation.

9. Refine and publish: give your course a final shine and polish

Finally, find out how to publish SCORM compliant content in a variety of formats, (including HTML 5) and for a variety of devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Download all the details and both the course outlines in PDF format right here.

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Questions About the Outline?

Got a detailed question about anything in the course outline? Don’t hesitate to email . She’ll have one of our course tutors come back to you with an answer, by email.

Personalised 1-to-1 Follow-on Training Included

And if you need to know the ins and outs of a specific feature or piece of functionality not covered during the day, you get your own personal 80/20 solution. After attending the course, everyone gets a free follow-on hour of 1-to-1 web-based training with their course tutor.

Focus on any aspect of the software you like - either re-visiting something we did on the course or covering something you specifically need to know about that we didn't focus on during the day.

The Perfect Venues

In London, are courses run at superb venue in Merchant Square.- a couple of minutes walk from Paddington mainline and underground station or Edgware Road underground station. In Birmingham, we will be delighted to welcome you to our new base in the iconic Alpha Tower just a couple of minutes walk from New Street and Snow Hill railway stations.

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Do I have to you run any other Storyline courses?

Yes, we also run our 1-day Expert Masterclass Course which builds on the skills covered in the Productivity Fast Track course.

Do I have to attend the Productivity Fast Track Course first?

Not at all. If you are already familiar with the features covered in the Fast Track course, you are welcome to attend just the Expert Masterclass.

If I want to attend both courses, do I have to attend on consecutive days?

Only if you want to. If you prefer, you can attend the Fast Track course on one date and then the Expert Masterclass at some point later.

As all our public courses are guaranteed to run, you can be confident of booking on whichever dates are most suitable for you.

If I want to attend both courses, can I get a discount?

You can get a discount if you attend both courses on consecutive dates, but not if you attend on separate dates. The discounted rate for attending both courses on consecutive dates is £685, plus VAT.