Creating Effective E-Learning
Forget boring, page-turning e-learning forever

Discover how to create highly-relevant task-focused e-learning that improves learner performance and gets visible results...

You could just follow the crowd...

You could just follow the crowd. Throw together some PowerPoint slides, import them into your authoring tool and splash some interactions around.

If you want to get glitzy because there's a bit of budget to burn, spend a few grand on some glossy graphic design, a bit of audio, maybe a bit of video if you're feeling really flush.

Hey presto, boring, page-turning e-learning dressed up to look flashy. It might impress the boss or a naive high rolling client, but it'll bore the poor old learners to death.

Or you could follow the proven formulae...

Or you could take the alternative path. Follow the proven formulae.  Use tried and tested approaches that banish page-turning e-learning to the history book. Apply design techniques that move away from dry content presentation and have you producing e-learning that gets your learners practising.

Motivating and performance-improving

Pull together all of these elements and you'll have

  • a massively successful framework to help you develop your e-learning
  • confidence that the tools and principles you are applying actually work, and 
  • a visible, measurable difference in the effectiveness of your instructional design

In other words, you'll be well on your way to creating e-learning which:

  • motivates your learners
  • satisfies your bosses (or clients), and
  • gets performance-improving results.

And you don't need to study for years. You don't need to spend thousands on tuition fees. And you don't need to break into a sweat to get a degree.

But you can start making a measurable difference to the effectiveness of your e-learning in just a matter of days.

Here's the outline...

If that sounds like the kind of e-learning you'd like to be producing, then take a look at what's on offer...

The Creating Effective E-Learning self-study distance learning course, covers four core modules:

Module 1: The Fab Four: your framework for e-learning success

  • Turn the standard, content hierarchy-driven view of e-learning on its head
  • Use a learner-centred, context-driven approach to your design
  • Create relevant scenarios and challenges for your learners
  • Provide timely practice activities, support and feedback.

Module 2: CEO: Creating a successful e-learning environment

  • Connect with your learners through relevance and authenticity.
  • Keep them truly enagaged through an e-learning environment that is meaningful, memorable and motivating
  • Maximise the impact of your e-learning.

Module 3: Design principles for effective e-learning

  • 22 key design principles that can be the difference between your e-learning success and failure
  • See the principles in action, across a selection of course designs
  • Discover how to apply best practice design principles to your e-learning.

Module 4: Gallery of samples: effective e-learning that works

  • View actual courses in action.
  • Get expert commentary and analysis as you view the courses
  • See how other organisations in different industries have created success-driven e-learning.

Extra modules for premium and deluxe versions:

And if you take either the premium or deluxe versions of the course, you get the following additional modules:

Module 5: Transforming page-turning e-learning: a step-by-step development guide

  • Detailed step-by-step tasks to follow
  • Expert commentary, guidance and analysis as you go
  • Discover the insider secrets of how a real-world development project unfolds
  • Get a tried and tested blueprint you can replicate to achieve e-learning success.

Bonus Module 6: Working with content

  • How to keep content relevant, clear and accessible
  • Specific strategies to stop your course design turning into a subject matter expert 'brain dump'.

Practice first, theory when you need it

There's no waffle or messing around. When the theoretical stuff is essential, we include it. Otherwise, the course is packed full of practical, ready-to-apply tools and techniques.

And rest assured, there are plenty of relevant, structured practice activities throughout. Activities designed to bring your learning to life and to make a visible difference to your e-learning design skills.

Is this course right for me?

Are you...

  • new to the world of training with little or no previous experience of designing e-learning?
  • a subject matter expert who has suddenly been tasked with creating e-learning about your area of expertise?
  • a classroom training person who now needs to developing e-learning?
  • an experienced e-learning designer looking to 'think differently' about how you create e-learning courses?
  • skilled at using an e-learning authoring tool, but want to develop your instructional design skills and knowledge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is designed precisely for you.

Get high-value one-to-one coaching included in the cost

With years of experience developing e-learning, our corporate and large organisation customers literally pay thousands of pounds every year for our skills and expertise.

But with the deluxe version of the course, you also get one-to-one consulting time with a member of the Pacific Blue team included in the cost of the course.

£189 is all it takes. This gives you complete access to the deluxe version of the course - everything included.

And if you're on a tight budget, choose one of the lower cost options, starting from just £69.

It's all explained clearly and concisely in the table below:

And finally, here's our rock solid guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the course for any reason or if it doesn't help you to create better, more effective e-learning, return it within 90 days, for a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

  • Choose version

  • Complete videos and course notes
  • Workbooks with practice activities to consolidate your learning
  • Gallery of basic e-learning samples with commentary and analysis
  • 'How to' worked example (detailed step-by-step guide)
  • Advanced e-learning samples and bonus module
  • 30 minute follow-on consulting session