Creating Effective E-Learning
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Spare your learners from boring, predictable page-turning e-learning. Discover how to create highly-relevant task-focused courses that improve learner performance and get visible results...

What you get with the £139 premium version

Our £139 premium version of the course gives you everything in the basic version, plus a detailed step-by-step guide, supplementary materials, a bonus module and additional expert insight. The complete package includes:

  • Complete videos and course notes.
  • Workbooks with practice activities for you to complete, to consolidate your knowledge transfer and learning.
  • An extended gallery of sample e-learning courses with expert analysis and commentary.
  • Transforming a Page-turner: a 50-page step-by-step guide giving you a detailed blow-by-blow account of how to create an effective piece of performance improving e-learning from start to finish.
  • Real-world supplementary materials to go with the step-by-step guide, showing you the work we went through to create an actual piece of e-learning for a paying client.
  • Bonus module: Working with Content - showing you how to analyse and scope content from subject matter experts.
  • Personalised 30-minute 1-to-1 coaching session to help you get up and running, plus the option to add more blocks of coaching time at a discounted rate.

What the course covers

The Creating Effective E-Learning self-study distance learning course, covers the following six key modules:

Module 1: Your framework for e-learning success

  • Turn the standard, content hierarchy-driven view of e-learning on its head
  • Use a learner-centred, context-driven approach to your design
  • Create relevant scenarios and challenges for your learners
  • Provide timely practice activities, support and feedback.

Module 2: Creating a successful e-learning environment

  • Connect with your learners through relevance and authenticity.
  • Keep them truly enagaged through an e-learning environment that has impact and purpose
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your e-learning.

Module 3: Design principles for effective e-learning

  • Key design principles that can be the difference between your e-learning success and failure
  • See the principles in action, across a selection of course designs
  • Discover how to apply best practice design principles to your e-learning.

Module 4: Gallery of samples: effective e-learning that works

  • View actual courses in action.
  • Get expert commentary and analysis as you view the courses
  • See how other organisations in different industries have created success-driven e-learning.

Module 5: Transforming page-turning e-learning: a step-by-step development guide

  • Detailed step-by-step tasks to follow
  • Expert commentary, guidance and analysis as you go
  • Discover the insider secrets of how a real-world development project unfolds
  • Get a tried and tested blueprint you can replicate to achieve e-learning success.

Bonus Module 6: Working with content

  • How to keep content relevant, clear and accessible
  • Specific strategies to stop your course design turning into a subject matter expert 'brain dump'.

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