Instructional Design Essentials Course
Build effective learning from a solid foundation

Discover how to apply the essential principles of instructional design to your learning.  Create a lasting foundation on which you can build effective, performance-improving learning events.

Effective learning - what's it all about?

When you understand and apply the essentials of instructional design, you'll be well on your way to creating courses which:

  • motivate your learners
  • satisfy your bosses (or clients), and
  • get performance-improving results.

And you don't need to study for years. You don't need to spend thousands on tuition fees. And you don't need to break into a sweat to get a degree.

But you can start making a measurable difference to the effectiveness of your course design and development in just a matter of days.

Easy-to-follow formula

This is because we've condensed our instructional design knowledge, skills and experience into an accessible, easy-to-follow formula. When properly applied, this formula results in better motivated students who retain more of what they learn.

So what's the secret behind results like this? It's a simple truth: Nobody ever goes on a course to just absorb lots of content or facts. They go on a course to learn how to do something. And do it effectively.

PowerPoint and talk it ain't...

Sad to say, many experts who design or teach courses, simply do NOT get this. They come up with courses that are long, dry PowerPoint presentations, stuffed with facts and abstract content.

Or they just stand up in front of their students and talk endlessly about their knowledge and experience.

Everybody on the course is impressed with their teacher's expertise. But nobody learns how to do anything.

Only a few short weeks later, 95% of attendees will have forgotten 80% of what was covered.

The simple p-word

Now don't get us wrong.  Relevant, well-defined content is critical to the success of any course or learning event.

But it's practice in applying the content which really ensures success and makes your learning design stand out from the crowd.

This key point is lost on most people who design or deliver training. Even when they do understand its importance, very few have the instructional design know-how to incorporate meaningful practice into their courses.

Which is a pity. Because when you actually help your learners to do something - instead of stuffing their heads with abstract knowledge  -  you get astonishing results.

Learners turn up - willingly...

Reputation travels fast. And training that actually works is still a pretty rare thing. So it only takes a handful of rave reviews and your learners willingly show up to attend classroom events or take e-learning courses.

A course that aligns the right knowledge and skills with plenty of opportunity for structured, authentic practice, is a sure-fire winner.

It will turn learners into loyal fans, clients into friends for life and colleagues into champions of what you do.

They improve - visibly...

But more astonishing than the rave reviews and the enthusiasm? The long term impact.

Because learners retain content and skills more effectively. Job performance improves. Errors reduce. Costs go down.

And the learning you designed and created is largely responsible for these positive effects. Now that's what we call real job satisfaction.

How you can get results like these

So how can you start to get results like these?  We've done the leg work, so you don't have to.  We've read dozens of books and journals. We've created hundreds of courses. We've made (and learned to remedy) almost every mistake in the instructional design book.

We know the difference between the tools and principles that really work and the ones that are just ivory-tower, pie-in-the-sky stuff.

Nowhere else will you find a more comprehensive introduction to instructional design essentials, in this convenient, self-study distance learning format.

Here's the outline...

This self-study distance learning course covers the following key topic areas:

Part 1: Thinking outside the instructional design box

  • Instructional design explained - its strengths and limitations.
  • How to apply the top instructional design strategies to your learning design.

Part 2: Working with content

  • How to keep content relevant, clear and accessible.
  • Specific strategies to stop your course design turning into a subject matter expert 'brain dump'.

Part 3: Successful knowledge transfer

  • Knowledge transfer explained.
  • How to make it happen.
  • How to make it lasting and effective.

Part 4: Making practice perfect

  • Why you should bother with practice.
  • When to include it.
  • Activities that work and activities that don't.
  • Creating effective feedback.

Practice first, theory when you need it

There's no waffle or messing around. When the theoretical stuff is essential, we include it. Otherwise, the course is packed full of practical, ready-to-apply tools and techniques.

And rest assured, there are plenty of relevant, structured practice activities throughout. Activities designed to bring your learning to life and to make a visible difference to your course and instructional design skills.

Is this course right for me?

  • Are you new to the world of training with little or no previous experience of designing courses or learning materials?
  • Are you a subject matter expert who has suddenly been tasked with creating or delivering learning about your area of expertise?
  • Are you a training person who has just picked things up as you've gone along and somehow managed to muddle through?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is designed precisely for you.

Get high-value one-to-one coaching included in the cost

With years of experience developing courses and learning materials, our corporate and large organisation customers literally pay thousands of pounds every year for our skills and expertise.

But with this highly-focused course, you get one-to-one consulting time with a member of the Pacific Blue team included in the cost of the course, plus two other high-value bonuses...

Bonus 1: 30 minutes of coaching time with a member of the Pacific Blue team to help you focus in on any issues, problems or questions that are holding you back.

Value: £150

Bonus 2: Detailed follow-up activities and exercises to give you advanced practice in the tools and principles covered by the course - helping you to further embed your learning.

Value: £95

Bonus 3: Step-by-step expert analysis of and commentary on a sample of real-world course materials - helping you to fully understand how the pros apply the tools and principles covered by the course.

Value: £75

Total value of all the bonuses: £320

And here's our rock solid guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the course for any reason or if it doesn't help you to create better, more effective courses or learning materials, return it within 90 days, for a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Same old, same old or make a positive difference?

Now, here's the really sad thing...

Thousands of organisations waste countless amounts of money every year on poor quality, ineffective training. Learners shuffle in. Sit through a course. Shuffle out at the end. With no measurable difference to show for all the time and effort taken.

And you could choose to stay on the same path. To just carry on, muddling through. Going through the motions. Knowing you are making very little impact on the knowledge and skills of your learners.

Or you could choose a different path. You could become the training guy or gal confident of their expertise, making a visible, positive contribution to your organisation.

You could become the subject matter expert who doesn't just drone through a deck of PowerPoint slides, but actually helps his/her learners to do something.

You could become the person who really makes the difference in your organisation, for your clients or for your learners.

So what does it take to become that person? To learn the essentials? To do the practice? To review and understand the course samples? To have the personal coaching?

Only £175 is all it takes. This gives you complete access to the deluxe version of the course - everything included.


And if you're on a tight budget, choose one of the lower cost options, starting from just £59.

It's all explained clearly and concisely in the table below:

  • Choose version

  • Complete course notes to download and print
  • Workbook activities to consolidate your knowledge transfer
  • Sample course materials with commentary
  • Detailed follow-up activities to further embed your learning
  • 'How to' step-by-step guide to creating course materials
  • Personalised 30 minute 1-to-1 coaching session