Instructional Design Fundamentals Live Online
3-hour, instructor-led, virtual classroom course

Design and develop effective, learner-centred training instructional design logocourses...

Escape conventional, unsuccessful approaches to developing classroom training with the 3-hour condensed version of our popular 1-day classroom course.

You still get all of the great benefits, just in a condensed form...

  • Explore successful key approaches to and aspects of instructional design
  • Integrate newer, alternative approaches with more traditional ones.
  • Analyse your subject matter to better understand its purpose and relevance for your intended learners.
  • Apply different types of transfer effectively in your course design and understand when you should use each type.
  • Select the most effective types of practice for your learners, based on learning context and delivery medium

Who should attend?

This fast-paced, highly interactive, 3-hour live online public course is ideal for people:

  • new to instructional design
  • with existing, but limited instructional design experience
  • with lots of experience, but no previous formal instructional design training

What does it cover?

The course combines four popular modules from our instructional design programme.

Get three hours of compelling training which will give you a thorough but condensed grounding in instructional design key concepts and best practices:

  • Module PA01: Getting up and Running
  • Module PA03: Analysing Your Content
  • Module IDF01: Understanding Knowledge Transfer
  • Module IDF03: Why Practice Makes Perfect

Download the full course outline in PDF format.

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Prefer a classroom course?

If you would prefer to attend the full 1-day classroom version of this course, find out more about it here.